IDUN Guardian Earbuds

The IDUN Guardian Earbuds (IGEB) consists of a Brain Computer Interface (BCI) with a proprietary in-ear electroencephalography (EEG) electrode.

The EEG data is recorded from the in-ear electrode. This includes one channel in the right ear which is being referenced to the reference electrode in the left ear. The left wing is the ground electrode and makes contact in the ear.

This system is designed to be comfortable and reliable when used for applications relating to the monitoring and quantification of sleep quality.

The Device

The IDUN Guardian Earbuds includes the following components:

  • Brainbox
  • Batterybox
  • Eartips (3 pairs: 2 Small, 2 Medium, 2 Large)
  • Wings (2 pairs: 2 Small, 2 Large)