When you receive the IDUN Guardian, it may need to be charged before first use.

To charge: Connect a USB-C adapter to the charging port on the bottom of the Brainbox and plug the wall adapter into a power outlet.

Once the device is connected to the charger and plugged in, an LED light on the right side of the Brainbox (above the USB port) will immediately turn red. This means the device is charging.

README screenshot

Fully Charged

Once the device is fully charged, the red LED light will turn off.

Fully charging the device should take approximately 4 hours, with the battery life lasting for 8+ hours.

Warning! Only use USB-C chargers and cables that comply with your country’s respective safety standards and regulations. The use of unapproved chargers or cables may cause a battery charging delay. It can also cause the battery to explode or damage the device.

Warning! Do not wear or use the IDUN Guardian Earbuds while it is charging.