Putting On the IDUN Guardian

Before putting on the Guardian

Users should clean their ears with a dry cotton bud to ensure earwax does not impede the signal quality of the recordings.

Putting on the Guardian

README screenshot

  • The device should be worn on the back of the head with the Brainbox and Batterybox located at the top of the neck.

  • Adjust the fit by loosening or tightening using the Strapadjuster.

  • The black Cables should loop around the top of the ear.

Using the help of a mirror is suggested as it can facilitate adjustments of each component.

  • Position the Wing correctly in your ear by gently pushing it into place with your finger and adjusting the position of the Earpiece. Verify that the Wing is positioned correctly using a mirror or taking a picture with your smartphone.

  • The Earpieces should then be inserted into your ear and should feel like you are wearing a simple pair of earphones.