Selecting Eartip Size

Selecting the correct Eartip sensor size is important for the comfort and quality of the product.

As a guideline, you can use the size you usually use for in-ear headphones. If you don’t know your usual in-ear headphone tip size, follow these steps to find out your tip size:

  1. Clean both your ears using a dry cotton bud.
  2. Put on Eartips on each Earpiece (see Attaching The Eartips). Start with those you think fit best
  3. Put the device on, following the instructions in Putting On the IDUN Guardian.
  4. Once you have inserted both Eartips, tilt your head left and right and slightly shake your head. The tips should fit tightly and comfortably in your ear canal without moving or falling out when moving or tilting your head.
  5. Try this with all three different tip sizes and chose the pair of Eartips that fits most stably and comfortably in your ear. If you are in-between sizes, choose the larger one.

Important! A proper and stable fit of the Eartips is important for good data quality.