High Impedance Values

To record high-quality EEG signals users must properly wear the IDUN Guardian Earbuds.

High impedance values will result in poor signal quality, therefore please be sure to Check Impedance Values before starting a recording. If the impedance values are high (please check Recommended Impedance Range) the following steps are easy suggestions any user can do to improve the data results:

1. Check sizing of Eartips
2. Check positioning of Earbuds
  • The ground electrode (positioned on the left side Earhook) should make direct contact with the skin of the ear. This can be checked using a mirror.
3. Wait for stabilization time
  • The IDUN Guardian Earbuds should be worn for 10 minutes before a recording is started. This gives the electrodes (Eartips) time to stabilize. Please try to remain still while you are conducting the impedance experiment as this would impact the resulting values.
4. Ensure cleaning protocol has been completed
  • The Eartips should be clean before use as this can affect the impedance. Clean the Eartips with an alcohol wipe and then let them dry (see Cleaning The Guardian for details).

  • If the bad signal continues, please clean your ears with dry cotton buds until the buds are not discolored anymore to ensure that earwax does not interfere with the recording.

    • A cotton swab moistened with warm tap water can be used for a more thorough cleaning of the user’s ears if high impedance values persist.
5. Run a quick test to ensure the hardware and electronics are working
  • Attach the eartips to the device
  • Start an impedance recording
  • Press the eartips and the ground electrode (left earhook) together using your fingers and hold them steady
  • The impedance should be less than 10 but more than 0

This can be used to check if the eartips and electronics are working, however it does NOT guarantee that the ground electrode is working.

Important! A proper and stable fit of the Eartips is paramount for good data quality.