Hardware Issues

To record high-quality EEG signals users must properly wear the IDUN Guardian Earbuds. This page details the issues you may face relating to the hardware of the IDUN Guardian Earbuds, which may lead to discomfort and bad signal quality when wearing the IDUN Guardian Earbuds.

If the IDUN Guardian Earbuds do not fit comfortably on the head, the user should:

Check the sizing of the IDUN Guardian Earbuds:
  1. Tighten the elastic strap so that the box lies against the top of the neck.

  2. Customize the Earhooks to comfortably follow the contours of your ear.

  3. Ensure the correct Eartip size has been selected.

If a component of the IDUN Guardian Earbuds has broken, please navigate to our Support Channel where we can arrange a replacement as soon as possible.