Protocol Ideas

Below are some ideas for protocol routines that can be carried out.

Sleep Recording

Please read through Pre-Recording Protocol and Preparation for Sleep Recording before starting a sleep recording.

  1. Open the script:

  2. Make sure that in Line 16 you adjust timedelta for the length of the experiment you want to run in hours/minutes/seconds:

while - start_time < timedelta(hours=10):
  1. Place your computer within 3 meters (10ft) of where your head will lie while you sleep.
  • Make sure the computer does not switch to sleep mode throughout the night.
  • To avoid any disturbance to your sleep, decrease the brightness of your computer screen to a minimum and/or cover it with a fabric.
  1. Run the script:

  2. When you wish to stop the recording (e.g. the next morning), press ‘CTRL + C’ (or any standard cancellation command accepted by your terminal) when in the open terminal on your computer. Please be patient, and wait till the stop signal is sent to the device and cloud, and the connection to both device and cloud is terminated.

  3. To review the data, download the recorded file to your local computer. It will be automatically stored in a folder called ‘logs’ at the same location from which the code is run.

Eyes-Open-Eyes-Closed Recording

Please read through Pre-Recording Protocol before starting a sleep recording.

Experiment proceedure:

  • Sit infront of you computer and try to relax.
  • Keep your eyes open for 60s and try to focus on a point on your screen or in your surrounding
  • Then, close your eyes for 60s


Please read through Pre-Recording Protocol before starting a sleep recording.

The bio-calibration should be performed in a comfortable sitting position (e.g., sitting on the bed). It does not have to be long, approximately 90 seconds.

The bio-calibration can consists of:

  • Closing eyes for 10s
  • Clenching jaw every second for 10s
  • Horizontal eye movements (left to right) every second for 10s