Recording Protocol

Before starting a recording, it is assumed that the user has read through this manual and understands how to:

Additionally, the user should make sure that:

  • Their personal device (computer/laptop/phone) is connected to the internet.
  • The personal device (computer/laptop/phone) they are using to run the recording is plugged in and charged.
  • The IDUN Guardian Earbuds are charged before beginning recordings to ensure that the device does not run out of battery during the measurement.

A recording can be started using either the Console Web App or the Python SDK. Both methods require the following steps to be followed before starting a recording:

  1. Clean your ears and put on the IDUN Guardian Earbuds device.

  2. To allow stabilization time for the electrodes, it is recommended to wear the device for 10 minutes before conducting an impedance measurement or beginning a recording.

  3. Follow the table below:

    Console Web AppPython SDK
    Open the Console Web App on your personal device (computer/laptop/phone) (see Using the Web App).Open the Python SDK on your personal device (computer/laptop/phone) (see IDUN Guardian Python SDK).
  4. Place your personal device (computer/laptop/phone) that is running the recording, within 3 meters (10ft) of where you are positioned when wearing the IDUN Guardian Earbuds.

  5. Check the battery percentage of the IDUN Guardian Earbuds.

    • Please note, if the battery percentage is less than 40%, please charge the IDUN Guardian Earbuds before doing a long/night recording (~10 hrs).
    • Please ensure your personal device (computer/laptop/phone) is charged so that it doesn’t run out of battery while a recording is ongoing.

    To check battery percentage of the IDUN Guardian Earbuds:

    Console Web AppPython SDK
    Check the battery level by looking at the % value in the top right hand corner of your screen.Check Battery Level
  6. Check the Eartip electrode contact using an impedance measurement.

    • It is recommended to record EEG with impedance measurements below 300 kΩ.
    • This is an important measurement as impedance is a common metric used in EEG to estimate signal quality.
    • High Impedance values will lead to bad signal quality, Low Impedance values will result in good signal quality.
      Console Web AppPython SDK
      Conduct an ‘Impedance Measurement’ by clicking on the tab on the left hand side of your screenCheck Impedance Values
  7. Please disable any automatic software update before starting the recording. This will prevent your personal device (computer/laptop/phone) from switching off and stopping the recording by accident.

  8. To start a recording:

    Console Web AppPython SDK
    Start a recording by clicking on the ‘Start the recording’ tab on the left hand side of your screenStart a Recording

    Before starting a sleep recording, please read Preparation for a Sleep Recording.

  9. For more information on either method, please click on the links below:

    Console Web AppPython SDK
    Using the Web AppAbout the Python SDK

Note: Check Recommended Impedance Range for further information on the impedance measurements.