This section outlines the suggested solutions to the most common causes of poor quality recordings and problems with recording data.

1. High Impedance Values

  • This section details the how to rectify High Impedance Values. High Impedance Values will lead to poor signal quality, therefore it is important to check the impedance values before starting a recording.

2. Hardware Issues

  • This section details the issues you may face relating to the hardware of the IDUN Guardian Earbuds, which may lead to discomfort and bad signal quality when wearing the IDUN Guardian Earbuds.

3. Console Web App Issues

This page details the common problems that may occur when using the Console Web App.

These include:

  • Unable to start a recording
  • Recording stopped unexpectedly

4. Python SDK Issues

This page details the common terminal messages that may occur when using the Python SDK.

These include:

  • General Errors
  • Connecting to the Guardian
  • Starting a Recording
  • Downloading the Data

5. Unmentioned Errors